The Program

The program Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.) is an advanced academic program providing an in depth understanding of business law aspects of the Single European and the Global Market.

The program is offered in full-time (one academic year) with daytime classes. Courses are offered consecutively over two semesters. The first semester (from September to December) takes place in Mannheim and the second semester (from February to June) in Adelaide. Students who have obtained their undergraduate degree outside of Germany are also eligible to study the whole program in Mannheim. Graduates of this option will be awarded with the academic title of "Master of Comparative Business Law - M.C.B.L. (Mannheim)".

The program aims to provide students with competence in both comparative and business law, offering them a competitive edge in their careers as strategic decision makers in both the public and private sectors. It offers a unique combination of traditional comparative law studies (legal methodology, legal traditions and the common/civil law divide) and studies in business law (e.g. competition law, contract law, company law and tax law) including trade related aspects. It provides general and specific knowledge of the European Union legal framework and of the actors in international trade law. The program in particular addresses the practical problems resulting from the co-existence of business law at different levels, i.e. the regional business law of the European Union and their respective Member States with the global (or near-global) trade law of the World Trade Organization.

The M.C.B.L. is a high-level, demanding postgraduate program in the field of European and international business law. The program is designed for law graduates, or graduates with a sufficient background in law, who wish to pursue advanced studies to specialize in the area of business law with a comparative perspective. The program is ideal for preparing for both an institutional employment within the EU or domestic administrations and companies or private practice acting in the global market.

The M.C.B.L. is an academic program in English and open to German and foreign students with at least a four year degree in law (Bachelor, LL.B, or equivalent). No prior background in comparative law or comparative political studies is expected or necessary.


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