Master of Comparative Business Law (Mannheim/Adelaide)

Joint Master's Degree: Over 15 Years of Excellence

Starting in 1998, the Law Schools of the University of Mannheim (Germany) and the University of Adelaide (Australia) have joined forces to provide first-class legal education in comparative law.

In accordance with their excellent reputation in business law, in 2014 the universities decided to restructure their well-known master's program of comparative law (M.C.L.)  into a business law oriented program to be called "Master of Comparative Business Law (M.C.B.L.)". The new program focuses on European and international business law while keeping the comparative perspective alive.

The program is unique in that it gives its students the opportunity of studying law from a comparative perspective at a German and at an Australian university. By this, students gain first-hand experience of the different approaches to problem-solving and legal thinking adopted by a classic European legislation on the one hand and by a common-law country on the other.

Students who have obtained their undergraduate degree outside of Germany may also study the entire program in Mannheim and will in this case be awarded the academic title "Master of Comparative Business Law - M.C.B.L. (Mannheim)". 


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