Student life in Mannheim

Enrolment for the M.C.B.L. program is organised by the International Office ("Akademisches Auslandsamt - AAA") in close cooperation with the Faculty of Law and the Student Welfare Organisation ("Studentenwerk"). » International Office

Student Organisations
Campus life at the University of Mannheim is marked by the active participation of students in numerous university organisations and clubs. The official student organisation established by the University Charter is the General Student Commission, which represents student positions to the Vice-Chancellor and the administration.                                                 » Student Representation               » Student Initiatives                   » Student Religious Groups

The Student Welfare Organisation ensures student welfare in close cooperation with the University and also caters for students' social needs. Among its main responsibilities are the acquisition of affordable accommodation and the promotion of students' academic interests. » Studentenwerk

The Institute for Sports
This organization meets the recreational needs of Mannheim's students. Every week thousands of students participate in sport courses offered by the Institute. From training in the gym to competitive sport to relaxation techniques or meditation, the Institute offers expert coaching in a wide range of activities. » Institute of Sports

The Student Welfare Organisation runs a child care centre and a nursery, as well as a psychological counseling service and a legal counseling service. Further services include the provision of casualty insurance and international student identity cards.            » Counseling Services

Dining Hall
Students can eat inexpensively in the University dining hall and cafeterias, which are also run by the Student Welfare Organisation. The dining hall offers lunch every weekday with a selection of different menus and the cafeterias offer additional menus and snacks. The central cafeteria also offers dinner during the semester. » Catering

Once enrolled in the M.C.B.L. program in Mannheim students can, if they show their student identity card, buy a reasonably priced 'student's ticket' which allows them to use public transport all over the region for the entire semester. » Semester-Ticket

The Student Welfare Organisation runs a number of University owned dormitories within Mannheim, most of them located not far from the University. Applications for these dormitories usually outnumber the places offered. However, the International Office each year reserves a certain number of places in these dormitories. For students taking part in the M.C.B.L. program the International Office has agreed to reserve up to ten places in university accommodation each year. Early application is recommended. Beyond that, the Student Welfare Organisation also has a private room location Service. » Accommodation Service