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University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is located at the place where Elector Karl Theodor founded the Academy of Sciences of the Palatinate in 1763. The elector's palace where the university is situated is one of the most beautiful university buildings in Germany. With its city front extending over 450m in length and its more than 1400 windows it is even larger than the similarly styled Versailles.g_uni_mannheim_3.jpg

By German standards, Mannheim is a relatively small university offering a more personal atmosphere. Approximately 13,000 students are enrolled, 1,400 of them in the Faculty of Law. Within the University, legal and economic studies are predominant. The Faculty of Law is located in the heart of Mannheim. Most of the city's scientific and cultural institutions and the shopping district are within walking distance.

The University of Mannheim maintains close contacts with universities in France, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Australia, USA, Canada, Hungary and China by specific partnership agreements. Several exchange programs provide for a cosmopolitan composition of the academic community with respect to both students and researchers.

The 1.5 million volumes of the University library satisfy all demands and good technical equipment facilitates research. Internet and all major legal databases are directly accessible from the law library.