The Courses

The program consists of mandatory, intensive and elective courses. The topics of the courses are chosen carefully. They have been put in a logical order, which ensures the development of both academic and professional competences. The mandatory courses have a clearly defined focus on comparative legal methodology and the legal sources, actors and means of action. Whereas these subjects of European and International Law are indispensable for business lawyers and thus mandatory, students can tailor the program to suit their own interests by a respective choice of intensive and elective courses. They cover all main subjects of business law. They allow for depth of study, and their choice ensures the coherence of the competences gained. Without neglecting academic levels, the program pays specific attention to professional applications, particularly through its teaching methods and assignments. To serve this purpose the program strongly relies on a combination of theory and the thorough study and analysis of cases and thus takes advantage of an outstanding and well-developed characteristic feature of German legal education.

All students have to complete a total of 16 courses (8 courses/20 ECTS per semester) and are required to pass an examination at the end of each course. With regard to intensive and elective courses they are also expected to make regular contributions throughout the courses and are required to prepare oral and written presentations. In addition, a master thesis (20 ECTS) on a topic of their choice is required.


European Comparative & Business Law

Compulsory Module: Introduction to Comparative European Law

(all students participate in all these courses)
            Intensive Module: 

          The Internal Market

(students may choose 2 of the following courses)

Elective Module:    

European Business Law

(students may choose 2 of the following courses)

Comparative Law I -

European Legal Traditions

European Market FreedomsE-Commerce & Internet
Introduction to European Business Law European Competition Law

European Tax Law

European Union Law -
Institutio­nal Aspects

European Private Law EU Fundamental Rights
European Legal Thinking:

Meet Savigny & his Peers

Cross Border Litigation

& Arbitration

Introduction to German Private Law*

Adelaide Guest Lecture

International & Comparative Business Law

Compulsory Module: Introduction to   Comparative and International   

                              Business law

(all students participate in all these courses)

Intensive Module:

The Global Market

(students may choose 2 of the following courses)
Elective Module:

International Business Law

(students may choose 2 of the following courses)
Comparative Law II-

The Common/Civil Law Divide

International Trade Law

International Business Transactions
Introduction to International Bu­siness Law

Corporate  Governance II

Intellectual Property Law
International Organizations: legal sources, actors and means of influence
International Sale of GoodsInternational Labor Law

Law & EconomicsPrivate International Law

Behavioral Law & Economics


* Only students which have obtained their first degree outside of Germany can choose this course.


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